MUVI – The Euganean Hills wine museum


“Muvi”, the Wine Museum, was opened on 16th May 2015 with the aim of celebrating the wine-making heritage of the area with a fascinating journey through the world of wine and history.

The idea that led to the creation of the museum was to produce a visiting card for people coming to the Euganean Hills, introducing the special features of a unique area that is well known for its particular vocation for viticulture, a place where the land itself seems to yearn for the vine. Awareness of an enormous cultural heritage and a great history, often unknown even to its  local inhabitants provided a new mission for the MUVI museum. It now has in fact two main objectives, to help visiting strangers who want to learn about and enrich their experience of the Euganean Hills, and another for the local people, to spread of an understanding of their roots and an appreciation of the uniqueness and marvels of the lands they live in.

Located at the headquarters of the Euganean Hills Wine Consortium, the museum is divided into 24 themed areas with illustrative panels and artefacts that follow a chronological history that reveals curious and unexpected aspects of wine-growing culture. Attention is drawn to the characteristics and peculiarities of the volcanic Euganean Hills and of the wines produced in this area. Visitors to the area will thus gain greater knowledge of the whole of the local geography and the wines the area produces.