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Colli Euganei Fior d’arancio DOCG

Fior d’arancio, “Orange blossom”, an explosion of Mediterranean essences

Production rules, article 2, states “the wine protected by “Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) wine as “Colli Euganei Fior d’Arancio” or “Fior d’Arancio Colli Euganei” must be made using at least 95% yellow muscat grapes, with the possible addition of up to 5% of other aromatic vine varieties of a similar colour, as found in the winery’s vineyards, and suitable for cultivation in the province of Padua”.

The yellow muscat grape grown in the Euganean Hills is a particular variety called Fior d’Arancio, or orange blossom, due to its perfume that brings immediately to mind that of the white flower of the fruit.

DOC status .. the must trys




Colli Euganei Rosso

Colli Euganei Rosso

Colli Euganei Rosso

To talk about this wine is to tell a story.
It is the tale of a noble and fearless family, the Counts Corinaldi. On their estate in Lipsida they were the first in Italy to plant Bordeaux vines for wine production. So it is we find that Merlot and Cabernet did not come to the Euganean hills on the back of some fashion, but are an authentic part of the proud history of these hills.

The adjectives “autochthonous”, “native” or “international” get mixed up when we talk about the Euganean hills as the boundaries of the concepts are somewhat fuzzy. On tasting the wines all doubts however evaporate; there is nothing international in the Colli Euganei Rosso, from Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, and Carmenere, and sometimes small additions of Raboso. This is definitely a child of these hills. It has unique notes that are rooted in the vocation of this earth, this terroir, the climate and the exposure, all of which make an indelible mark on the wine, with its powerful, often quite indomitable, structure. To try to describe the Colli Euganei Rosso would be like trying to describe the character of each and every winery.

With this wine every producer tells their own story, that of the family, their aspirations and their past. There are stories that revolve around youth and flightiness, others of power, others of the spirit of research and a quest for elegance and more still that are yet to be told.


Serprino Colli Euganei

Serprino Colli Euganei

Colli Euganei Serprino

One last wine to complete the ID card of the Euganean hills.
We mean that part of the card for distinguishing features. The grape is the homonymous “Serprina”, referable to the Glera vine biotype, but it eschews the denomination Prosecco when coming from the Euganean hills, not least because it is only distantly related to Prosecco. In this case too it is the landscape that makes the difference. It identifies a light and sparkling white wine with clear hints of small white flowers that encapsulate the spirit of spring.

DOC – The Classics



Colli Euganei Muscatel

Scented and elegant, from the cooler slopes of the Euganean hills. The smell is sinuous, finely floral, with strong hints of acacia and sage. The taste is fresh, yet slightly aromatic. It goes well with the meal of those that want to experiment and successfully take up the challenge where others have failed, perhaps with asparagus and baccalà, salted codfish. It will do justice to any fish or molluscs from the upper Adriatic.

Mela, sambuco, mandorla

Colli Euganei Bianco

Includes grapes
from many vines indigenous to the Colli Euganei.
Of these the Garganega grape has always featured in the white wines of this territory.
The wine has a composite perfume, rich in floral and fruity notes, yet fresh and aromatic.
Goes well
with fish and white meats, risottos with aromatic herbs and wild bruscandoli sprouts or the traditional risi e bisi rice and peas dish.

Crosta di Pane

Colli Euganei Pinot bianco

Floral or fruity, depending on the age, and well balanced between body and perfume. Straw yellow with greenish reflections, very delicate perfumes and a fragrance of bread crust. It is very pleasant with spring carletti (wild maidenstear) or nettle risottos, wild bruscandoli sprouts or asparagus.
Goes very well with our local lagoon fish.
Try it very young with a minestra maritata soup.


Colli Euganei Chardonnay

It has a refined scent and maintains its floral notes and exotic fruit fragrance if aged in steel vats. It becomes more intriguing, buttery and soft if it passes some time in barriques. It goes very well with poultry and cheeses. Try it with a soup too, or tripe, sprinkled with a mature Grana Padano cheese from the High Paduan hills.


Colli Euganei Merlot

The product comes from the best loved and most widespread of the vines on the Euganean hills. It is very pleasant drunk when young, with its marasca cherry and elder notes. If aged it has hints of cherry, blackberry and also toasted notes. A classic wine that will accompany the whole meal, it should be tried with a rich risotto alla Padovana or with grilled chicken. Perfect with Asiago d’allevo cheese.


Colli Euganei Cabernet

Local to the Euganean hills since the mid-nineteenth century, very pleasant when young, this red has a fruity fragrance that is well matched to a body with a good structure. Austere and elegant when aged it gives of aromas of tobacco with warm toasted notes. A long-lived wine that is ideal for roasts and skewered meats, with mature Asiago d’allevo cheese and toasted polenta or with grilled lamb chops.

La DOC – Gli outsiders


Colli Euganei Pinello

An autochthonous vine that has survived as a the result of the passion for the grape of a small number of Euganean vintners. Made with care from young, light, pleasant wine that is rich in very fresh fruit scents.

Lively and simple, but never banal, well worth trying with light appetisers or pizza.



Colli Euganei Manzoni Bianco

An inspiring challenge for a small number of Euganean vintners who, in suitable terroirs, produce a fine and special straw yellow wine with bright greenish reflections. On the nose it reveals its complexity and a richness of essences, with remarkabke notes of pepper, sage and nettle, rounded off by a subtle sense of exotic fruits. To the palate it offers up a remarkable structure and proudly accompanies tasty oven-baked sea bass with vegetables.


Bianco spino

Colli Euganei Garganega

One of the most widespread widespread grape varieties to be found in the Veneto region that has shown great versatility in in adapting to the various local terroirs. In the Euganean hills it produces wine with delicate hints of white flowers and almonds. In the mouth it betrays the influence of the area’s volcanic soil giving an intriguing savoury flavour.


Green bell pepper

Colli Euganei Carmenere

A presence on the Euganean hills since the mid eighteen hundreds, masquerading as Cabernet Franc, only to come out into the open in modern times. It has finally summoned up the courage to speak to us of its rare spread through Chile, Peru and the north east of Italy. The Euganean soils are to its liking and in particular the microclimate of the volcanic hills influences its character. The structure is always very sturdy, with essences that are decisive and intense, featuring green pepper and freshly cut grass.

*For the other typologies refer to production rule 919