Colli Euganei Fior d’arancio DOCG – Passito





La preziosità, il passito

Precious passito wine

Precious passito wine, from dried grapes

The password is balance, supreme balance, with no hint of sickliness

A perfect balance between the hard and the soft components of the wine makes this “passito” of the Euganean Hills something unique. The other adjective has to be that of complexity, in the most fascinating sense of the term, something that at times comes to the fore and at others retreats into the background, ushering in a multitude of sensations that invite discovery even of its most hidden secrets.

This is a product that has necessarily to be described with the overworked term of “niche” product. This because the quantities are small, much hard work is needed for its production and because the result is the exact expression of the land that produces it. It is unlike anything else. Harvesting of the grapes is of course by hand, while the grapes rest in the basket until they have lost just the right amount of water, without the concentration of aromas. There is a crucial moment in the production of this wine, which is the precise moment chosen to proceed with the harvest itself. There must be a perfect maturation and the right Ph levels. The timing of the pressing of the grapes is also important as is the possible transfer to wooden barrels, and all stages together shape the characteristics of each individual product. Every single Terroir of the Euganean Hills leaves its own unique and indelible mark on its wines.

The Fior d’Arancio passito, with its noble lineage, and its broad and ethereal hints, reveals a whimsical and eclectic character. It goes very well with fine biscuits and pastries, but reveals its true ambitions with delicious foie gras and herbal pâtés. In no way a modest wine, particularly in its more complex manifestations it becomes an intriguing wine on which to meditate.