How the Wine Consortium started and its main activities

In Padua on February 3, 1972, the Voluntary Consortium for the DOC Protection of the
the Wines of the Colli Euganei began its life. There were 47 founding members: 43 wineries, a trader, two industrialists and the winery the Cantina Sociale di Vò. The Board of Directors was also consulted by a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial Administration, the Provincial Inspectorate for Agriculture and the Provincial Tourism Authority.
Gattamelata was chosen as the brand name, the “speckled cat” name used by Erasmo da Narni, a capitano di ventura (or condottiero) depicted by Donatello in the equestrian monument located in the parvis of the Basilica del Santo in Padua.

We will recall that among the main aims of the consortium is the continuous improvement of wine DOC and DOCG wines of the Euganean hills, the promotion of the wines through important local, national and international events and exhibitions organised by the Enotoca Consortile and the defence and protection of local wines through monitoring and compliance with the rules and standards set forth for their production.

Among the most significant projects that come to mind is the zoning work, which we regard as the General Wine Plan, that has resulted in the significant improvement in the quality of our wines, and the realisation of an instantly recognisable image for the DOC wines of the Colli Euganei, with the creation of a distinctive label, bottle, and common packaging for the Fior d’Arancio. In 2011 the Colli Euganei Fior d’Arancio became a DOCG label in its own right.

At the helm of the Consortium from its beginnings up to the present day there have been Urbano Salvan (1972-76), Giovanni Dal Martello (1976-81), Nicolò Voltan (1981-94), Federico Dianin (1994-99), Luciano Dal Maso (1999), Antonio Dal Santo (1999-2002), Giordano Emo Capodilista (2002-2005) and Antonio Dal Santo (2005-2014). Since July 2014, the Consortium has been led by Emanuele Calaon.

The body’s secretaries have been Giuseppe Ravazzolo, Gianni Borin, Paolo Parpaiola and Filippo Giannone, followed by the current holder of the post Andrea Gianesini. Other staff currently working at the Consortium are Lorella Pedrotta and Salvò Francesco, while others that have worked in our organisation include Alessio Equisetto, Andrea Boaretti, Sandro Santinello, Claudio De Bortoli, Carlo Gioacchin and Emanuela Lazzarin.

For some years now the Consortium has been working in cooperation with the oenologist Daniele Stenico and the Consortium’s wine store is run by Lisa Chilese.